After a trip to SF, San Mateo, and then to Emeryville, I successfully bought myself a digital piano for late night practicing. It is heavy enough that I can't get it up the stairs without fear it'll drag me down with it if it falls. I don't feel like falling to my death so I'll wait for my fiance.

I purchased a Roland 800. I'll have to take pictures of my new music room set up once I get everything into the music room. Right now, I'm going to order a pizza and relax.

It takes more lines to configure grunt and insert all the commands. I much prefer using a Makefile. Just because we're web developers, we don't need everything to relate back to node and JavaScript. If something is really that simple, let's just keep it that simple.

Lately, I've been wearing my emotions on my sleeve a tad more than I usually do. Part of it has to do with work. The other part is because I'm a girl and I get that way at times. However, I always try to stay positive most of the time but I've been steering away from positivity lately and drowning in pessimism. So I will fill this blog post with many positive things.

One of the most fulfilling things in my life right now are my little side projects. I've been trying to get back out into the volunteer space

I'm building out a Wordpress blog for a volunteer project I'm working on. I used to work with Wordpress all the time a few years ago and it seem to have only gotten worse. Just the amount of code to remove crap is ridiculous.